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What is Your Expectation for Yourself?

Hopefully, your level of expectation represents a stretch for you. Pushes you from where you are to reaching for something higher, better, more challenging than your current status quo. Not out of reach, but clearly a stretch beyond your self-defined boundaries.

Stretch in stages, don’t try to reach for the impossible or death defying. Instead, stretch just beyond your comfort level. Do it methodically and in increments move from where you are now to the next phase. Place expectations on yourself that will take you from here to the next step. Intentionally move from where you currently are to a place that is just beyond your fingertips, just slightly out of reach. Set the next goal at the attainable but still beyond where you stand today, beyond your comfort level and beyond that which you currently find reasonable. Feeling comfortable is often an excuse for; “just not interested in trying, it might not work out.”

If we aren’t prepared to stretch our expectations, we soon become complacent or even bored with what we have, where we are and the direction and progress that we don’t have in our lives. Poor me; can’t be far behind.

The other consideration is that your level of expectation is your ceiling. It is the limitation that you put on yourself. Your high water mark defined and limited by your expectation. It’s important to keep expectations as a moving target and a personal challenge to grow and stretch.

Whatever you do ~ don’t stretch once then call it a day. Stretch daily, make it a habit, understand where the next stretch is and challenge yourself to reach for it. Didn’t quite get there? Keep trying day in and day out, build on what you have learned, what you now know, what works and what is not going to work. Make stretching beyond your expectations part of your DNA.

Life and the circumstances we experience are limited only by the expectation we have in any given situation.

Sure, at times your expectations are exceeded. Exceeded expectations are the exception, not the rule. Serendipitously exceeded expectations are always a pleasant experience; take that experience, set your next reach from that point, learn, then stretch with all you got.

Stretch outside of you wheelhouse ~ Think World Class

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