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Successful Back Benchers – Poem by Chan Mongol

All those politicians and money makers;
Why are they from those last benchers?
From third world countries, those advocates!
Lawyers, bad elements and mafia syndicates! !

I never knew frauds who were first benchers;
Meritless kids became leaders and offenders!
System always goes in hands of those gangsters;
As, they water the plant of bad system over and over! !

Why so? Why back benchers become popular?
A bad student grows up bad as a backstabber!
Not all soldiers can charge bayonets in a combat!
Animality is possible for a back bencher, a brat! !

Easily, back benchers become wealthy people;
First benchers earn only values with own principle!
Back benchers don’t think, they do anything for profit;
Good students think too much and try to live neat! !

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