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Start Life For You With These 21 Tips.

It can be very, very easy to get sucked into worrying too much about what other people think. We often try to look, speak and act like those around us. As a result, many people stay stuck in their shells, afraid to let their real selves be seen for fear of judgement or ridicule by the herd. However, even though there is a human tendency to want to “fit in,” there are a number of ways to live life for yourself, rather than others.

To be clear, you may find that some of the items below do not apply to you, and that is ok. The point here is not that you should have to be radically different in every aspect of your life, but rather that you allow the things that make you different to be seen and heard. The real question is: are you willing to let other people see you for who you are?

Want to know where to begin? Here are 21 things to start doing for yourself.

  1. Love and accept yourself.

When you improve your relationship with yourself and practice self-love, your other relationships and your life improve naturally. Everything starts to work.

2. Get comfortable being you.

You were made by the Universe for a reason and you are a one-of-a-kind. Own who you are.

3. Give thanks.

Gratitude is magic – it makes what you have enough and attracts more goodness into your life. You are blessed to be alive.

4. Go after your dreams.

Give things a go – you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. You are more likely to regret not trying than trying. What is life for if not for living fully?

5. Spend time with good company.

We are heavily influenced by those around us, so surround yourself with dreamers, doers, believers, thinkers and those who bring out your greatness.

6.  Create a vision for your life.

Get clear on your purpose, what drives you and what you desire for your love life, relationships, career, finances, lifestyle, wellbeing and personal growth.

7. Meditate daily.

Your investment of a few minutes of meditation daily will come back to you tenfold in the form of increased insight, inner peace, creativity and compassion.

8. Treat your body well.

It is your home on this earth so nourish it with water, whole foods, walks, yoga and exercise.

9. Listen to your heart and intuition.

Your heart is the key to your life purpose and it will provide you with wisdom and guidance that your thinking mind cannot comprehend.

10. Fill yourself up.

Understand that other people are not responsible for your happiness, self-worth and fulfillment – you are. Start filling yourself up with love and whatever else you need.

11.  Plan out your week.

Know your top goals and values and plan your week around them – otherwise you will get swept away by the pull of the modern world.

12. Reflect on your week.

Give thanks for everything wonderful that happened and acknowledge what isn’t working so well so you can fix it instead of repeating the same patterns.

13. Celebrate everything.

Small wins build your confidence and build you up to have more success – look for more ways to celebrate yourself and your loved ones.

14. Build a connection with your soul.

Get in touch with your essence, your inner being – the part of you that exists beyond your thoughts, emotions, titles, roles and labels.

15. Allow your feelings to flow through you.

When a strong negative emotion arises, observe the feeling in your body without judgment, knowing it will pass – rather than feeding it with stories in your mind, or storing it deep in your heart.

16. Spend time in nature.

Nature can remind you of the natural beauty, intelligence and balance of the Universe – it also gets you back in touch with your soul.

17. Let go of the past.

It’s not happening here and now – it’s only in your mind. When you continue to relive the past, you rob yourself of the peace, beauty and opportunity available to you in the present moment.

18. See the lesson.

Sometimes our challenges are our biggest teachers – pause and see if your challenges contain a sacred message showing you where you are stuck or need to grow.

19. De-clutter your space.

Our possessions don’t just weigh us down physically – they weigh us down energetically and psychologically. By clearing space in your life you are symbolically making room for the new.

20. Check in with yourself regularly.

How often do you ask yourself how you are feeling? Check in with your inner child by placing your hand on your heart and asking what it needs from you right now. You may be surprised by the answer.

21. Breathe deeply.

Many of us are in such a rush we forget to breathe properly. Our body becomes tight and our energy becomes stale. Pause throughout the day to take a few deep breaths from your belly.





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