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Social media is more than posting Photos and Status, it is now a CAREER path

When we speak of social media, what generally comes to one’s mind? Is it online chatting on various platforms or building connections? Is it posting pictures and videos of food at a diner? Or is it more than that? What started as an online medium to engage, stay connected and communicate years ago is actually a vital tool for business and other business related activities. It is also a lucrative career path for many.

Gone are those days when the words “social media” in one’s job title meant that the job was irrelevant, today it is an emerging space that is rife with opportunity. Certain key areas within social media may prove to be excellent choices upon which one may build a career. Let us explore a few of those areas in detail.

The market today is competitive and the brands are numerous, the online space is packed. So in order for one brand to distinguish and differentiate from the others, the content needs to be unique and valuable to the customers. I guess the concept of value and customers seeking it from various products & services is not something that still needs discussion as every business knows this. Great content generating and writing skills can fetch excellent opportunities for creative minds in this area.

With a boom in social media, there is an exponential rise in social advertising too which needs an in depth understanding of social behavior that goes way beyond re-targeting platforms. Hence, upcoming businesses and ventures to survive, it is vital to find innovative social ad solutions, to become an expert in the placement and optimization.

Social media can also be a platform that delves deeper into the Sales and Marketing category, bridging the gap between the two specializations. This can be done by combining the big data insights that social media provides with that of an internal sales team, thereby creating a stronger and better informed system. For instance, combining these two kinds of data so as to create better products and services that speak directly to specific audience groups. Better product equals better sales.

Lastly, customer service an area that has been around since the very beginning. This involves understanding and gauging the impact that social media can have on customer service is something that will take time and resources. Companies today will need to scale up their social listening and customer service.

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