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Liberation Of Women – Poem by Chan Mongol

Once, men married for sex, for making food
To take care of kids and men used to be rude.
Cleaning homes, making beds, serving men
Girls were raised for men in the past, then.

Husband-wife, both can be money makers
Both work outside and kids with babysitters.
Sharing expenses and run the family together
One understands another about the pressure.

Men can’t weaken women anymore in fear of law
Now, conscience, rights are in system’s paw.
One may have less tolerance for the other
Influence of third party makes family weaker.

The oath of family tie can be broken by a wife
She doesn’t have to be suppressed for her life.
However, pouring kerosene on one’s body is rude
It’s noble to talk out and settle a family feud.

Law can be strong like the heavy duty steel
Yet, one of the couple finds ways to hurt, to kill!
Unwritten rationality helps the humanity to deal
It’s not strength of men or law to nourish and heal!

Provocation for the separation isn’t advisable
A couple becomes a body, shouldn’t be breakable.
Unless otherwise, the condition is intolerable
Abuse against one is a life in a prison cell, a hell!

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