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A good article must entertain, which is dished out from a service of catchy facts, figures and formulations,and the fact should be not only accurate, but also plentiful. There should always be rule that collect always more information than we think we are going to use; so you choose the best and the most apropos in making the points.

Following must be kept in mind prior to writing an article:·

.Research, research, research·

.The library·

.The reference collection

· Periodicals

· Indexes and abstracts

· How to locate and work with primary-source people

  Research, research, research

There are at least four practical reasons why writers should stick to dependable sources and keep track of what they are;

1. A fact is only good as its source

The basic idea is proving your point or assertion through a fact, while never letting your mere thought become an argument through the tangible basis of the fact. Moreover, the source and fact go side by side,and both are given equal weight age as fact sans solid source lacks credibility. Hence both facts and sources must be credible because correct facts, but dubious sources create no impression.

2. It is more efficient

Researching for material and information have no comparison or equivalent, and one must be looking for more and concrete information. On the other hand, the research gives news horizons to your thought ­From language to the enrichment of the ideas ­ and one must be working towards enriching yourdocument through more reading, and usage of divergent sources.

3. It is more believable

Talking with proofs makes it more believable, while references to the sources confirm what you say, as people tend to believe easily. A journalist never creates a make belief environment because he uses sources besides doing research on the topic. Moreover, a writer’s name becomes credible when he is using recognisable sources of information.Secondly, if the source of the fact is authoritative, its mention lends credibility.

4. It is safer

Having a credible source, and conducting research makes it easy to believe, and safer for the writer to be certain about his facts. It is always recommended that one must be never losing contact with the basic source of information, while always letting oneself stay beyond doubt.There are five reliability checks against which you can measure the facts you research. At least one ofthem can be used to assess every piece of information you encounter.

1. Accuracy

If one has seen an event happen and reported it carefully, he and his readers assume, the journalist hasalso reported it accurately. A writes always adds accuracy to the write-up through facts, which arecorrectly mentioned, and in turn, his readers never doubt facts mentioned. Accuracy of facts is the key toa successful writer

2. Authenticity

Not to be confused with accuracy, authenticity is what you get automatically from a primary source. It comes from the horse’s mouth ­ the logical, natural origin for the chosen information. If you cannot confirm your data, you be careful to present them as authentic statements and not verified facts.Research brings authenticity to the write-up when the facts are rightly and correctly placed.

3. Credibility

The source’s way of telling his facts and backing them up or his proven track record, may lead you to the subjective conclusions that the source is credible and his facts can be believed. That is who to present the information to the readers.Credibility of a writer is because of authenticity of facts, which are confirmed through research, as it isthe basic agenda behind every write-up. Nothing is done better, if the idea not properly investigated andfacts not confirmed.

4. Plausibility

You may conclude that, subjectively, the fact makes sense to you and presumably to other people. That is how you will write it ­ not as verified fact but as plausible consideration.

5. Corroboration

Corroborate means to add proof or certainty to an account, statement or an idea with new information.Without corroboration, it will be difficult to prove the statement to be correct. Have facts and figures,comments, eyewitness account etc to prove your point, and never leave assertions sans corroborating them with facts.

You may obtain information from a separate, also believable source that substantiates the first source’sfact. Then you will have objectively demonstrated, if not the accuracy, at least the honesty of your source.In reporting the fact you will probably tell the reader of the corroboration, although that is not always necessary.

The library

The library is the major depository of the secondary sources, and a useful lead to primary data as well.

1. Information through libraries/The librarian

Libraries are still the best sources of information where one can find books, magazines and journals, both national and international. Books are available on different subjects, and one can always consult them for historical perspective or at least a literary point of view.All the above add to getting concrete information, as books and general interest magazines articles can beuseful for providing an overview of the subject one is researching, especially if one is not familiar with indepth.Also tell the librarian precisely what you need.

2. Using the available information

Exploit sources available to you at the first option, and look for more after this while using all possible options ­ from primary to secondary to tertiary.Never take anything for granted and consider it as if confirmed besides taking into consideration what isuseless to others, as one must be looking at all the possible angles.

3. The reference collection

One’s references should be known to him, and must be readily available whenever required to revertback. The writers must mention the reference when quizzed by someone about the reference. He mustalso keep the references both in his mind, and in record, for the future usage

4. Periodicals

Magazine and journals have long shelf life, and their content is usually well-researched and aptlydescribed with facts and figures. In this sense, the research journals take lead over the magazines. There isalways quality, and the writer must look for that, while never compromising on less known sources.

5. Indexes and abstracts

Index is a collection of information stored on a computer or on a set of cards, but in alphabetical order.Prefer your own abstracts for future use, as briefs and specifics go a long way for a writer, who must prefer such indexes and abstracts, which can impart information within shortest possible time.

6. Search services

Searches should be readily available to you whenever required, and never let them pass to oblivion, and keep those intact. Constant connection keeps you attached to such services.

7. Inter-library loans

Request for books from other libraries, and one can request the librarian. You must get to know thepeople around, and arrange books for your subject.

8. College libraries

Our college libraries are the least explored, and good books are rarely read. It is always better for you togo to your college or any other college. You are certain of getting the required information.

9. Newspapers

Keeping an update about the changing circumstances, and for this, the newspapers are still the best sourceof information, while television comes next to this. Use newspapers and related products as a primarysource, while reading and browsing newspapers daily. It is also recommended that one must be going through magazines also.

10. Journal articles

Journals, especially foreign, still a better source of information though there can be problems about theproximity, and finding them.Read and understand the conditions when and where the article was written, and then apply that on yoursituation, as it is said that one must never apply foreign theories until relevant to your situation.Moreover, the contextualisation of the concepts should be done.

11. Sources from previous articles

Get track of the subject through articles published in newspapers, magazines and journals, which are usually available in more one language. Besides specificities, these also add to the general knowledge.One can keep cuttings of the articles if relevant to the subject or area of interest

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