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Hard Skills vs Soft Skills: What Will Enhance Your Resume Most?

Usually, any resume includes two types of skills: hard skills and soft skills. In the ideal case, they work together to form a strong CV that provides the recruiter a glimpse into a candidate.

One of the main goals of any resume is to highlight your key skills to a potential employer. The way how you describe your skills in this document makes the difference between progressing to the next stage. You have probably heard about hard and soft skills, at least while answering interview questions. But what are they, and how should you present these skills on your CV? This post is right about it.

Let’s start with the definitions.

Hard Skills Quick Definition

What are hard skills?

Hard skills are technical knowledge that people have gained through life experience and all kinds of training during their career or education. These skills are teachable abilities or abilities that are easy to quantify.

Usually, individuals learn hard skills in classrooms, through professional books or training materials, or on their job. Employers and recruiters typically easily recognize hard skills as they are often listed in cover letters and on resumes. Even if you are a young specialist, for example, a novice project manager without experience, then these personal characteristics will help you create a pleasant first impression and please the person you are talking to.

What are examples of hard skills?

  • Computer technology is the skill that is required today for most employees, at least a basic grasp. Nowadays employers expect that candidates are prepared to embrace the technologies needed to perform their job effectively.
  • Data analysis is highly valued in different industries from software development to finance. Individuals who are able to analyze data and use this info for the benefit of the company are high-demanded today.
  • Certifications/licenses can be also considered hard skills although they are not skills themselves. They prove people that they possess certain sought after abilities. For example, for a Scrum Master or project manager, having an up-to-date certificate is a pass to a successful job position and a kind of “ticket” to the top of the career path.
  • Marketing skills are also crucial for many companies and spheres. Ideal team players who can convince customers to buy the company’s products will always be invaluable to employers, as marketing success directly correlates to the revenue increase.
  • Project management skill has also become extremely valuable to many employers. The ability to work in project management includes, for example, knowing and understanding Agile methodologies and modern project management software.
  • Design is a natural ability, however, there are particular design elements that can be learned through education. The popularity of technology and design means that you’ll have to try a number of new tools you might need to learn for building a great career.
  • Cloud computing is also in high demand. More and more businesses utilize cloud computing as a beneficial data storage and management solution.
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