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A Friend Is Sick – Poem by Chan Mongol

I heard that you are very sick,
With nausea, inflammation, sneezing,
Pain, fever, fatigue and dizziness;
With pneumonia, cold and coughing!

Take diagnosis, prognosis, pills, syrups,
Stay home and follow up prescriptions;
Revamp, relax, rest and recover,
Take care and do not get more infections.

Dude, get well and come back soon,
I badly miss you and I am hurt;
Prayers are pouring for you,
To see you soon, to talk and chat!

You been through too much, man,
You have seen cruelty, foul and rude;
You broke down, cried enough,
Please get up with good mood!

Today, in such a rough time,
My sympathy, empathy to ease;
For your betterment and cure,
From uncomfortable dirty disease!

Perhaps your mood is not good,
My dear, do not have any fear;
Do not give up and you would be OK,
Your family, friends, we all are near.

I heard that you are very sick,
With nausea, inflammation, sneezing;
Pain, fever, fatigue and dizziness,
With pneumonia, cold and coughing!

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