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Making The World A Better Place By Creating Markets

Enterprising leaders who tackle big problems like world hunger can learn from Alexis Mejía and Kurt Schneider, two pioneers inspired by the same vision to reduce postharvest loss with metal silos in Honduras. Building the airtight cylinders started as a part-time business for Mejía. During the planting and harvest seasons in Nacaome, a rural town near the Pacific coast of Honduras, he managed a…
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12 Effective Time Management Skills for Managers

12 Effective Time Management Skills for Managers Chris Porteous The CEO of Grey Smoke Media / My SEO Sucks, helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Read full profile Share Pin it Tweet Share Email Finding an effective and successful manager who doesn’t know…

Icebreakers and Energy Raisers

Sometimes it can be nerve-wracking organizing team-building events. Some activities can fall flat, leaving participants groaning and unwilling to get involved, but when done well, these sessions can add a lot of value to meeting or training – while letting everyone have…