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Baby Shark And ‘Chicken Girl’ Enter Ryan’s World As Nickelodeon Bids For Social Media Lift

As the opening strains of the Ryan’s Mystery Playdate theme song begin to play in this San Fernando Valley soundstage, comically accompanied by a chorus of kazoos, the Nickelodeon show’s 8-year-old namesake star bursts onto the set, running at full speed, with his arms held high, proclaiming, “I’m here.”

The frenetic second grader has earned the victory lap. His show, which Nickelodeon renewed on Monday for a third season, is the top-rated TV program among preschoolers. It’s also a much-needed hit for the struggling kids’ network, and early proof that ViacomCBS Kids and Family Entertainment President Brian Robbins’ bet on social media phenoms like Ryan Kaji, with his 24 million YouTube followers, is paying off.

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