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Brussels plan could force euro clearing out of UK after Brexit.

London could lose parts of £880m–a–day trade as EU seeks power to make business relocate for financial stability. Brussels has published proposals that could force London’s prized euro-clearing trade out of the City after Brexit, as the EU plans for life without Europe’s biggest financial centre. While the plans stop short of forced relocation after Brexit in 2019, they would give the EU…
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Your friends make you happier than family?

Friendships are less judgmental and and more likely to be positive. Having good friends can even make you healthier. Do you believe that blood is thicker than water? That your family relationships are more important than friends? Well, think again. Research from Michigan…

Tips on Fixing a Broken Relationship.

Tips on how do you fix a broken relationship. Fixing or repairing a broken relationship is not impossible. Communication and understanding is key to fixing a broken relationship… Read more for more information. Relationships are so delicate and can break on minor…