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Any Achievement is Not an Easy Task

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. –

Vince Lombardi

Do you believe nothing worth having comes easy?

We’ve come to find that it’s true.

Everyone wants some form of success and fulfillment in their lives whether it be relationships, money, or just a solid sense of self. It can and will come to you if you believe, but if it’s truly worth it, it may not come easy. Luck and circumstance are wonderful, but rarely to thank for success.

With the big surge in popularity of the Law of Attraction, some people are assuming they can visualize whatever they want without action and it will just happen. However, action is a must in the “attr-action”. Our energy is in fact a powerful driving force, but we drive that force. Challenges and mistakes are what create the opportunities to put positive momentum, growth and success into place.

Struggle brings progress whether you succeed or fail. You either advance or learn from it. If you learn from it, remember that mistakes are proof that you are trying. You’re working on growth. Life is not stagnant and does not wait, so doing something now, even if it seems you’re in the face of an unbeatable adversary, is still better than nothing. If it’s worth it, it’s not easy.

I believe that true strength emerges from difficult situations. Life is a minefield of challenges. The only way to succeed is by approaching these challenges head on, and not giving up out of fear. One afternoon while I was watching an episode of Scrubs, a quote from Dr. Kelso gave me the courage to overcome the difficulties in my own life. The quote states: “Nothing in this world that is worth having comes easy.” The raw truth behind the words impacted me greatly, and it was that day when I decided that no challenge in life was too difficult or frightening to overcome.

The first semester of freshman year will forever be engraved in my brain. I had a new school, new friends, a lot of schoolwork, and family that was far away. On top of the usual freshman stresses, I was also juggling being a collegiate volleyball player. I struggled to be accepted by my teammates and attempted to cope with my difficult coach, who acted as if I was no more human than a speck of dust. Along with dealing with my volleyball troubles, I was also dealing with personal hardships. The pressure from all the stress often made me cry my-self to sleep on those long fall nights.

The problems I was encountering desperately made me want to crawl into a dark cave to escape. I contemplated quitting volleyball because of the hassle it created in my life. I did not believe I had the strength to continue, but I was wrong. As I thought about quitting I remembered the pure joy I felt when I stepped onto a volleyball court, the rush I got from a long rally, and I knew, that even with all the troubles volleyball had given me, I was not ready to let go of my passion. I had the courage to fight for what I wanted; so when I realized this, I slowly began to sort out the other stresses in my life, and one by one I overcame my personal challenges. Facing my problems head on not only made me stronger because of my courage and persistence, but it also helped me mature significantly.

Life is not effortless; it presents you with social and emotional hardships. But the strife with life’s challenges is what made me grow into the woman I am today. The difficult times I encounter help me appreciate the good times I have and will experience. I have become a stronger individual for overcoming these hurtles when I could have easily run from them. I am not perfect, I still struggle with life’s tribulations, but when I do, I always recall Dr. Kelso’s quote, “Nothing in this world that is worth having comes easy,” and I know that everything will eventually be ok.

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