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7 Behaviours That Increase Your Sex Appeal

In fact, some behaviors increase your physical attractiveness to others. So, if you were pretty before, your personality and behavior could make you stunning. It may take some change in behavior on your part, but here are several ways to increase your sex appeal.

As much as girls hate to admit it, we can be a little superficial at times. (Shocker, right?) But the truth is, when we first meet a guy, his look is everything. And one thing is for sure: A close shave and a spray across his chest don’t always cut it. And a full-blown

werewolf beard doesn’t, either. If you want female attention, aim for the best of both worlds: clean-cut but a little rough around the edges. That could mean the perfect stubble. Or even feigning a dark mood. (Seriously!) Here, the surefire ways to draw us in without saying a word.



Being a selfless individual does more than just help those in need – it also benefits us, as well. When you do a selfless act, you can inspire a good mood in both yourself and others. When people see you helping others, you also become more attractive in their eyes. This kind of behavior lets others know that you’re capable of being nurturing, which can be extremely sexy to potential partners.

Selfless behavior also shows that you’ll be more caring towards your partner. People are very rarely more attracted to someone being cruel or selfish than they are someone who practices kindness in their day-to-day lives. Put yourself out there for more selfless acts and you’ll find that the people around you really do.


Creativity is often linked to one’s intelligence, and intelligence is something else that many people find attractive in a potential partner. Showing off your creativity can increase your sex appeal. Whether this creativity is focused in art, music, film or dance, something about sensing someone’s’ creative drive makes them more attractive in other people’s eyes.

Creativity is also linked to good genes, which is another thing that potential partners find appealing, though on a more subconscious level. Also – someone with a creative side will be able to express their love and desire in many more ways than someone without. And who doesn’t like to have art and music dedicated to them as part of being courted? Let your creativity flow, and your sex appeal will skyrocket.


This can be both mentally and physically. That is, someone with a body posture that seems more open and receptive will be received as more sexually attractive. Standing with your arms crossed or your body hunched will limit the amount of people willing to approach you. When you stand with a closed-off body posture, it’s telling people to stay back and that you don’t want to be bothered. On the other hand, when you stand with a relaxed and open posture, you immediately become more approachable. People who are friendly and approachable are oftentimes more appealing to potential partners.


Owning a dog is a good way to both boost your sex appeal, and have a canine friend for life. If you’ve been on the fence about finally heading to the shelter and adopting a dog, then this is the sign to do it. Owning a dog makes you more attractive to potential partners because it shows that you’re capable of taking care of another living thing. Being nurturing is one sure fire way to make yourself seem more attractive to the people around you.

The type of dog you get can help too – for example, Golden Retrievers are a very family-friendly dog, which can give off the signal that you’re ready to settle down. On the other hand, German Shepherds tend to be a manlier type of dog, if that’s the appeal you’re looking to give off. Either way, owning a dog can help raise your sex appeal.


Not only will this make you seem more physically attractive, perhaps in comparison to the people that you’re hanging out with, but it will also showcase how sociable and well-liked you are. Being around people that you like will make you laugh and smile more, which makes you more attractive almost instantly to everyone around you.

Not to mention, your personality will come out when you’re around your friends. You’ll seem much more personable, which will make people more likely to want to get to know you and be welcomed into the exclusive friendship.

While sex appeal does often have to do with physical appearance, that’s not always the case. These are the behaviors to exhibit when you want to give yourself an extra boost in the department of sex appeal. These behaviors will even encourage people to see you as more physically attractive, even if you don’t do anything in particular to change your appearance. No only will other people find you more attractive, but you’ll feel better about yourself, too. With a boost in confidence, you’ll feel happier and sexier, and everyone will know it.

6 Become a Sexy Strange

Classic research shows that familiarity leads to liking, known as the mere exposure effect (Zajonc, 1968). However, recent research reveals that familiarity is not always desirable in a mate; while women prefer familiarity in a partner, men prefer unfamiliarity. Men rate women as significantly less sexy when they have seen their photographs before meeting in person (Little et al., 2013). Why are strangers sexy? The researchers interpret these results as consistent with the potential evolutionary benefits to men of mating with more than one partner. Intriguingly, new research shows that women also prefer unfamiliar male partners, under certain circumstances. Salvatore et al. (2017) discovered that women in the most fertile portion of their menstrual cycles found men from other ethnic backgrounds (but not men from the same ethnic background) more attractive as both short and long-term partners. The authors speculate that strangers are sexy due to the desire for genetically diverse offspring or to the unconscious motivation to avoid incest — because, yes, disturbingly, we are generally attracted to our opposite sex relatives.

7 Get Creative

Showcasing your creativity may enhance your sex appeal. Once again, women’s fertility status may be an important determinant of the attractiveness of creativity. Haselton and Miller (2006) found that women in the most fertile portion of their cycles preferred creativity to wealth in potential male partners. Why is creativity attractive? The authors believe it may signal good genes or intelligence. They also propose that creativity in women may attract men; however, they did not test that possibility in this study. Musical creativity may also be attractive to women. Guéguen et al. (2014) found that men were more likely to obtain women’s phone numbers for a date when carrying a guitar case than when carrying a gym bag or nothing. Again, these authors postulate that musical talent may signal good genes or intellectual ability.

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