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10 (Spiritual) Fundamentals of all truly Harmonious and Flourishing Relationships : By, LukePranay


The main essential purpose of any relationship is to reflect to all the others in the relationship what they need to learn, understand and grow in order to become more of themselves, more of their True/Core Natural Authentic Selves*!

* – [which is most probably somewhere along the lines of: Unconditionally: Loving, Supportive, Allowing, Happy, Relaxed, Forgiving, Humble, Expansive, Passionate, Enthusiastic, Child-like-Playful, Spontaneous, Imaginative, Creative, Determined, Compassionate, Empathic, Integral, No fixed expectations or attachments..]


Harmonious RelationShips are the result of Inner Alignment**, Love and deep Respect for Ourselves and Others.

The sustained focus and determination towards one’s own personal evolution/growth and the becoming of: more of your true natural self (by mainly having high clarity and awareness about your own psyche (as Beliefs and Definitions)), and thus perpetually learning, expanding, becoming the more of your True Natural Self, is an intrinsic aspect of any harmonious and constructive relationship!

The more ‘Self-Complete’, and more of your Natural Authentic Self You are, the more likely to attract similar Individuals as mirroring reflections, which is obviously a wonderful reflection and experience to have.

** – [Inner Alignment (as the first ideal fundamental step towards any harmonious relationship) = discovering, clarifying and knowing who You really are, and how you Define and Create yourself to Be (your unique Individuality, Personality/Psyche (as your: conscious and subconscious: Beliefs, Definitions (resulting in: Fears, Boundaries, Preferences, Wishes, Dreams, Spiritual / Creative / Artistic / Expressive talents, etc.), unique inclinations and the chosen themes of exploration in life)]


Total Honesty and Openness – Being fully honest and open, allows the Other(s) in the relationship to know who You truly are (in that moment);

Not withholding any comment or information in order to avoid hurting the Other(s) – because You cannot always know or predict what can hurt the Others, or how They will react to your honesty, therefore, is best to not assume responsibility for the Other’s own (evolutionary path as:) perceptions, emotions and reactions, reflected towards your honest and non-manipulative communications.


As long as relationships are created with Integrity, they will tend to self-enhance, grow and harmonize. If any kind of relationship is created from dishonesty and secrecy, then, a divisive energy within the relationship will ensue.


Only when We Love ourselves Unconditionally, are We then able to Love Others truly Unconditionally

! Unconditional Love is more than ‘Self-Esteem’ which is conditional!

Unconditional Love is really the connection of our alignment to the Infinity/Universe.

The strongest modality of experiencing Unconditional Love to ourselves in general, is to be ourselves truly, our ‘True Natural Selves’ (as described in the 1st section), as fully as We can be!

! Likewise, unconditionally loving the Other(s), really means to be able to still love Them even if They do not fulfill some needs or expectations; able to Unconditionally Love for who They are right now, without trying to change Them; and thus, positive change, if necessary, is much more likely to occur as well, when We fully accept the Present Moment (/what it Is Now).


There is really No need to be responsible for Other’s People’s lives or existence***, but to be ‘Yourself truly’, your true Natural Self ‘in front of’/towards Others (and, as such, to assist through the power of your shining inspirational example)!

***- as a (negative) example here: attempting to make the Other(s) change their ways, or attempting to help without being asked;


Going for: Zero fixed expectations (rather than trying to make the other(s) fulfill various expectations and needs (as in: ‘using them’) );

Fixed & attached expectations lower the individual’s vibration and tend to limit and constrain the numerous ‘magical’/synchronous unexpected ways through which the Universe can guide through, or bring the most Positive, Beneficial and Ecstatic gifts (in ways more pleasant and beneficial then We might have even consciously imagined).

Likewise, being open to everything that it might happen (as in: Vulnerability – full openness to the unknown), and also being totally relaxed in the full Trust and Knowingness that: everything that happens, happens for your most ideal, beneficial and highest growth and expansion reasons, is a highly positive and beneficial attitude and ‘power’ to be mastered!


What You may ‘dislike’ or disapprove about the Other’s own: Beliefs, Definitions or Actions, ideally is to be regarded as: something that can Not have a negative effect over You (in any way, shape or form) in the future or/and in the Now Moment! (rather than feeling threatened by it, like many Individuals often do);

Also, it is useful to fully realize that: We only attract in our own Reality Experience: Reflective Realities, Situations and Individuals being of a similar (reflective) vibrational range/spectrum such as ours (as We only get to experience what we are the vibration of / what we ‘contain’ in our ‘vibrational makeup’) –

If You hold the Belief / Emotion / Thought => Vibration, that Someone may have some kind of power over You, in any way, then, you are most likely to attract a true ‘version’ of that Individual, to really behave in that way – and here as well, the obvious well-known by many idea that: what you resist, tends to persist (because that is where the focus, energy & vibration is being focused at).
But if You just simply Know that you don’t have to live any negative situations or/and vibrations, because you are aware that they can happen, and are fully conscious of their potential consequences, because you already Imagined them, accepted they can happen, thus neutralizing them (by being neutral towards them), and consequently stay in your true ‘point of power’ (‘the Neutral Point’ / the ‘Point of Paradox’ (more about this concept in future materials)), and thus, will be fully able to choose and easily attract/manifest only the positive preference(s).

Actually, the reason Individuals attract certain experiences/scenarios into their lives (same as with the cinematic movies), is to get to see what is ideally preferred, but mainly and especially: what it is not preferred 😉 – and thus knowing better what to (consciously or unconsciously) Choose forth;

Also, as Earth and Society evolves and accelerates (the level of awareness and vibration), the more and more likely is that: We will only get to experience reflective Individuals, Situations and Realities: in the same vibrational ranges such as our own;


Aiming to focus solely on the positive qualities and the greater potential of the other Individual(s), instead of putting them in a fixed and limited box/matrix of known and predefined characteristics, can greatly increase the probability that those positive qualities will be at a certain point manifested by that/those Person(s).

*for more, see also about the
well-studied “Pygmalion effect”!

! Likewise, by aiming towards a truly wondrous relationship (by dreaming/envisioning it and trusting that you deserve it, and able to have it) can and will get you there (especially if no fixed expectations are involved), while the aiming for less, or not aiming at all, will only get You to a lower/mediocre level.


And last but not least, the awareness and understanding of the simple fundamental laws of the Universe & the laws of cause and effect, and why the things are happening the way they do — and, what Unconditional Love and Compassion really are, and consequently truly embodying and manifesting them, will also bring massive benefit to each and any relationship!

And a ‘extra’ important idea:
Regarding the compatibility factor in any relationship, even more than just using the similarities factor as a measure, another very relevant factor is the differences factor, respectively, whether or not you can allow your differences to be compatible as well.




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