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40 Self-Care Ideas for a Healthy Mind and Body

Life sometimes can be exhausting. We try to be nice to everyone around us, taking care of their needs but often forget about ours. You stay late in the office, offering an helping hand to your colleagues, but you seem to forget you need a rest too. Every time, you let your family decide where to go for a holiday, but you seem to forget there is a…

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Love, Marriage and Two Businesses: My Journey from Waitress to Entrepreneur

My story begins at Villaggio Italiano Restaurant in Hartsdale, NY. I worked there as a bartender when I was 22 for about a year while struggling with self-purpose and questioning what exactly it was that I wanted to do for my future. During this time of bewilderment, I moved…
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You have right to Say "No"

You’ve got more work than you can possibly handle. Not to mention the time you’re spending as an officer of your trade association. . . and as coach of your child’s soccer team. Your phone rings and it’s Sally, another officer of the trade…
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Walk with the Millionaire Mindset!

See what’s holding you back from your millions. Are you ready to star in your own reality show? It will require attention and a commitment from you. You have to want to change — and you have to want it more than your lazy and fearful self doesn’t want to.
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Even If Your Goals Seem Out of Reach, Stay Motivated With These 6 Strategies

I’ve been working on one project in particular for what seems like forever now — and I’m growing frustrated. I have nothing to show for my hard work. The project feels as if it has come to a standstill. Day after day, nothing changes, and I find myself wondering…
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f you have to try to be cool, you will never be cool. If you have to try to be happy, then you will never be happy. Maybe the problem these days is people are just trying too hard. Happiness, like other emotions, is not something you obtain, but rather something you inhabit.
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A good article must entertain, which is dished out from a service of catchy facts, figures and formulations,and the fact should be not only accurate, but also plentiful. There should always be rule that collect always more information than we think we are going to use; so…



3 Tips for Mountain Biking With Your Family

Families always seek ways to spend leisure time together. Mountain biking is one sport that family members can undertake to increase camaraderie. Unlike other cycling disciplines, mountain biking involves riding specifically designed…

The Art Of Expectation.

I doubt that I’m the only one around who has had conflicting feelings and thoughts about expectations. When Serge exhorts us to “expect the best” I have been torn. On the one hand, I have recognized the power of…

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Seven Important Steps For a Great Goodbye Meeting

When its time to move away, these seven steps help you to do it in style. Life involves many hellos, but it also involves an equal number of goodbyes. A high school choral director makes parting comments to the seniors about to graduate. The boss hosts a party for a longtime staff member. You may be the one, instead, who’s about to leave the group. Taking advantage of a new employment…

Onlinecasino Disconnection Administration | What Goes on into This episode?

Just how does the casino error management work? Every participant is completely accountable for his own link with this network or some other malfunctions of his computer that might lead into the interruption of the connection between the gamer and the casino matches operator. Like a consequence, the ball player takes and assumes the risks deriving from this disturbance, on the machine owner…
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This Woman Shows How To Save A Huge Sum Of Money

Do you often complain about your wages seeming to disappear as soon as they enter your bank account? For many of us, living from month to month in terms of spending is a common occurrence. But have you ever wondered how much you could save if you really budgeted? Michelle…

“PERMA” a Simple Guide to Finding Your Happiness

Being happy and living life to the fullest is what every human being is striving for. Now more than ever, people seem to put pursuit of happiness as their top priority. However, although the term happiness seems clear enough, the implication seems quite vague for most…
Self Talk

40 Self-Care Ideas for a Healthy Mind and Body

Life sometimes can be exhausting. We try to be nice to everyone around us, taking care of their needs but often forget about ours. You stay late in the office, offering an helping hand to your colleagues, but you seem to forget you need a rest too. Every time, you let your…

Rejection Is No Longer Painful If We Look at It

You are great. But…’ Perhaps it’s a typical rejection line we hear from time to time. Whenever we hear the word ‘but’, we know that the result is going to disappoint us. There’re too many occasions we might be rejected: when you ask someone you love out, when you…

Knock Knock, Is Compassion Home?

A man’s biggest achievement in life is becoming successful and not regretting the decisions taken by him in the path of becoming successful. How does one go through their life comfortably? How do we find compassion? There are hundreds of questions like this and the one…

How To Focus on the Positive To Achieve Your Goal In Life

Focusing on the positive seems harder than ever. A global pandemic, civil unrest, and political tensions galore have made thies year tough. In spite of all the challenges this year has thrown at you, there are ways you can stay positive and continue to pursue your life’s…
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